Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My makeup essentials.. MAC

I know that everyone has their own beauty products that they always swear by, whether cheap or expensive- they are their trusted beauty products that they can rely on and will often recommend to a friend. Many of my friends have been using MAC cosmetics for years and I heard nothing but good things. I have always suffered from very temperamental, sensitive skin and often get spots, as well as dry and oily patches. In the nearly ten years I have been wearing makeup I have tried most ranges of high-street cosmetics with varying results, and thought now would be the right time to take the plunge and see how I got on with a more expensive, high-end product. As MAC is one of the most trusted brands out there, with a good reputation a well as recommendations from actual make-up artists, I knew this was the one I wanted to try.

Instead of frittering away my money on silly things like I normally do in somewhere like Superdrug or Boots, I decided I needed to invest in a few, good essentials that would last and then see how I got on from there. As I needed a new concealor and my skin often suffers from quite severe breakouts (even at 21!) I spoke to the woman on the MAC counter in Bentalls and purchased the Select Cover-Up in NC20.  

I applied this under my foundation as a base and felt that ultimately it actually did a better job alone than with my foundation, which at the time was Maxfactor Colour-Adapt. I know it sounds a cliche but even with several spots, my skin looked flawless and glowing. I recieved many compliments that same day about the condition of my skin and it definitely gave me more confidence, as I often can get insecure about my skin. The product cost £14.50 and is definitely one of the best makeup products I have ever purchased! I've tried applying it with my hands and a foundation brush, but found it works best using a very small brush which I now use just to apply concealor.

After the success of the concealor I decided to purchase a blusher as my BeneFit Coralista had run out- and I was heartbroken. I love wearing blusher everyday, and the brighter the better! I bought the Mineralize Blush in Dainty, which cost £19.50. I find that with MAC cosmetics you are paying that bit extra because the pigments of the product are so much stronger and you get such a nicer, long lasting colour. You hardly need to apply any blush at all and you get a lovely, bright glow with a subtle shimmer. I wear Dainty every day and then apply more for evening, mixed with a touch of bronzer.

Then, last week I went to Westfields in Shepherds Bush and visited the MAC store. Oh my goodness, I could of spent SO much money there! I know at the age of 21 I shouldnt' get so excited or whatever at the sight of all these cosmetics but it's so hard to restrain yourself when you keep spotting more and more things you want to buy. I ended up purchasing a Amplified lipstick in 'Impassioned' along with a Lasting Sensation lipliner. As I have quite thin lips I like to apply a lipliner first to fill them out as well as helping to make the lipstick last that bit longer before I need to retouch it. I also had finished my Max-Factor Colour-Adapt foundation, which I had always enjoyed using but did think it offered quite a thick coverage that, whilst effective, was hardly good for my pores. I found that the MAC foundations were very light and fluid, and if I'd gotten along so well with the concealor it couldn't hurt to purchase the foundation in the same shade!

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